The recipe that I am going to sketch for you here is quick and simple: my life has not gone quite as planned. Antonin Carême, Souvenirs Inédits

I am a high school culinary arts CTE instructor who came in from the heat after 20 years in the industry.  My degree is in Radio/TV/Film and I have worked as a busboy, movie theatre projectionist, pizza place shift manager, on a copy machine assembly line, a mason’s helper and a welder’s assistant until I became a culinary apprentice and worked my way up to chef.  Teaching is certainly exercising different personality muscles than running a hotel kitchen, but I’m having a good time.  I graduated from a career switcher teacher training program and I have certification in middle school science, 6-12 social studies and of course family and consumer sciences.  I enjoy soccer, fencing, cooking, camping, social studies, physics, astronomy and chocolate.